Friday, March 9, 2007

How's It Hangin'

How’s it hangin’? No, Gracie doesn’t really care how you’re hanging ~ to the left or to the right, makes no matter to her. (Though usually it hangs to the left, much like women having a slightly larger left breast, probably due to right-hand dominance & muscle control, but this is not Gracie‘s point today. It’s not that Gracie doesn’t care about your hangin’ selves, but she has her eye on a larger dick...)

Gracie is talking about the USA‘s dick.

Lest you take Gracie too literally, the penis under discussion is not the personal property of President Bush, though admittedly he ought to head Gracie’s warnings. No, Gracie speaks of the collective US political thrust, a movement that power players are pushing at us all.

A rise in new right wing conservative legislation includes:

* not just bans on gay marriages, but a need to define marriage as it was in the Bible itself

* several attempts at placing God (and a definition thereof) more firmly as part of the main governing body of this land

* limiting women’s rights to their own bodies & reproductive health in the name of God’s essence of life, not science’s

And those are just a few examples. Gracie urges you to not dismiss each one out-of-hand as ‘never going to pass’ or think it has nothing to do with you ~ You have to stop and see this larger picture for what it is: the giant penis of America hanging’ to the right.

A penis pointing so far to the right one wonders if it isn’t really a projection of the right hip instead of being firmly rooted in the center, thrusting forward from the crotch. Is it seeking a side-route to rear entry? It sure isn’t trying to move forward...

More than an angle, which can provide quite lovely sensations, this rigid right rod would rupture anyone who does not bend to it’s will.

Fundamentalist: A usually religious movement or point of view characterized by a return to fundamental principles, by rigid adherence to those principles, and often by intolerance of other views and opposition to secularism.
It’s wrong, fundamentally wrong. Or rather it is fundamentalist wrong.

Trust Gracie kids, there is no ‘fun’ in fundamentalist.

Fundamentalism starts with a look backwards, to ‘kinder gentler times’ in which man was man, woman was woman, and the both pleased God.

Fundamentalists seek laws to remove all chances to sin, opportunity for change, and progress is reserved for souls dying to reach heaven, and of course, for the nation state. How ironic that this progress of the nation state also benefits the rulers of the government & their very wealthy friends.

This movement is typified in this country by your Bible-thumping-sorts who are so afraid of their own ability to stop themselves from ‘doing the right thing’ they need to have more rules preventing them from themselves. More laws, stricter punishments, harsher penalties.

Their personal frustrations require governmental castrations.

Gracie has met more than a few of these. Men who sought a professional to release both their sexual needs & their spiritual responsibility. Paying for a pro means that they have spared their pure families both the act & the knowledge of their own ‘perversions.’ As for the reaction of their Lord, well, how can any man face the devil & win? Confess & pray for more help from God at the next testing time & they are absolved of their sins.

These are the weak ones who fear themselves. Praying to not fall prey is not enough.

Since they cannot abstain, they require that their government absolve them from the responsibility of guarding their own morality & sins.

Let the laws dictate their behaviors. Let the great nation state protect them from their lust, greed & other vices, they are too weak. Let laws be strict enough to ensure no real access to the sins. And don’t forget to protect them from those others who sin even worse than they do. Surely this will rid them of the devils within & those that lurk nearby.

Problem is, as history as well as modern cultures have shown us, this severe stance does not work. But fear-filled-fundamentalists lack sound judgment, or else they would not need to be policed, monitored, and controlled by the government.

It is likely that your reason & logic will escape them.

Gracie is no physicist, poli-sci major, or otherwise claiming to be other than who & what she is, but it seems that the only way to work with a severe right-tilted shaft is to offer it an extreme left-tilted hole to take refuge in...

Engulf the damn right, swarm around it. Then rock the hell out of it. Maybe we can swing that dick upright & center as it should be.

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